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July 2017

    3 Tips to Smoothly Transition Your Outfits from Work to Weekend Style

    Like many, my style has evolved throughout the years. Each fashion phase I have gone through has reflected a different chapter in my life. I started a full time job right out of college and my wardrobe consisted mostly of business casual clothes. This made me feel proud. I felt like I was hashtag adulting pretty well.

    However, my style sense had lost a certain charisma it once had back in my college days. So, when I went back to grad school and was no longer confined to an office dress code, I went a little quirky crazy. I had gone from one end of the spectrum to the other: monotonous to cute-weird, and my unrelenting (aka savage) friends took notice.

    Although it took a while, I have finally found that fulcrum point in my wardrobe that balances day job work attire with weekend, night out style. Here are 3 guidelines I like to follow to help me maintain the balance between work and casual wear.

    1. Be basic (in a good way!)

    Basic pieces, like these Madewell black pants (yes, they’re actual pants & no, they aren’t yoga pants) and a plain white t-shirt from H&M, might seem mundane, but you will be able to wear these pieces interchangeably for work or the weekend. These act as good building blocks for any look, since they can be dressed up or down.


    2. Layer, layer, layer!

    By layer, I don’t mean bundle up. Layer your basic tee with either a leather or bomber jacket, like this embroidered one from Urban Outfitters, or with a longer blazer for something more work appropriate. Layering with a blazer, jacket, or even cardigan not only helps to define your outfit as business or casual, but it also helps to reduce the basic-ness (is that even a word?) and simplicity of the plain t-shirt and pants.


    3. Change up your accessories

    If a jacket or blazer can help define your outfit, then accessories can elevate your look even further. I went for these black mules from Target to achieve a more casual look. If going for a work theme, pointy toed pumps complement blazers very well. Accessories appropriate for work can also include: a leather tote purse with clean, sharp lines, small & classy stud earrings, and a minimalistic watch (Daniel Wellington, anyone?)

    ALSO! I have almost perfected the style blogger walk. Almost.


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