Hey there!

I am a Chicago girl who decided to join the oversaturated fashion blog market. My mom approves of my style so that must make me a fashionista. However, she does not like that she has yet to be a grandmother. So, in true Indian mom fashion, she has set out on a journey to find me a husband. My brother is a lost cause and no girl in her right mind would marry him which makes me her last hope. While I wait for my mom to bring me suitors so I can find my prince charming, I will pass the time by posting about my mom-approved style on this blog. No crop tops here!


Just kidding! I have nothing against crop tops.


Seriously though, I really am from Chicago. I work in the science field, and I have always had an interest in fashion, aka a shopping addiction. Pomegranate Style is my passion project outside of my nerdy job. This blog is a creative outlet for me to express my style and to help you unleash your inner fashionista, with some random food and travel thoughts sprinkled in.


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